Dr. Roger Schardijn is hands down the best chiropractor I've ever seen and believe me I've been to a lot.  He not only is the best at what he does, but he’s also the most in-depth when it comes to the care of his patients! He's incredibly caring and has an amazing sense of humor!  He will always listen to the issues you are having with your body and has the knowledge to fix it!  I really can't say enough about him. I am thankful enough to know Dr. Roger because he was my mother’s go-to chiropractor when she had me and my older brothers. Overall, he's very caring, funny, and good at what he does. 

- Cody K.


Dr. Roger Schardijn is by far the best chiropractor I've ever been to. I highly recommend Dr. Roger for everything from overall service as well as hospitality and comfort. He makes sure every visit is a comfortable experience by explaining what exactly he's going to be doing, as well as making sure you have notice to where he's about to place his hands before proceeding. To top it all off he has a great sense of humor and is an incredibly compassionate person. I cannot recommend Dr. Roger more, he's absolutely amazing!  

- Sterling C. 


I was recommended to go to Dr. Roger by family. I have struggled with neck and back pain for years, but after the FIRST adjustment, I have been without pain for four months. I’m actually taking my mom with me to my next appointment because she’s in great need of help as well but has been worried about having an uncomfortable experience. Dr. Roger is professional, funny and caring in a way few practitioners are.  You will have a comfortable experience with lasting results. I cannot recommend him enough!   

- Autumn B.


I’ve been regularly going to Dr. Rog since 2004.  Over that time, Dr. Rog has treated me for things ranging from car accidents, a motorcycle accident, and regular maintenance adjustments.

What can I say except “He’s great at what he does” Dr. Rog is an expert and dedicated Chiropractor!  His care has helped me through injuries and keeps me feeling great.  Before I went to Dr. Rog, I had continual back and hip pain.   With regular adjustments and treatment, that pain is gone. 

He’s more than just a chiropractor – he cares for your total health.   Go to Dr. Rog!  

- Brent O.


I am a Believer!! I was introduced to Mountain View Chiropractic in 2003, through a referral from a friend.  Since my first visit, I been incredibly happy with every aspect of care given to me by Dr. Roger.

His knowledge, assessment and subsequent treatment of my needs have kept me returning for care ranging from car accidents, a motorcycle accident, joint surgeries, and regular maintenance adjustments.  The environment at Mountain View Chiropractic is soothing and peaceful.

When I need to be seen, I feel every effort is made to arrange an appointment as quickly as possible, which I appreciate very much. Dr. Roger is more than just a Dr. of chiropractic, he is a Dr. of Health!! 

- Lisa O.


I have known Dr. Roger for almost 20 years and have been having him adjust me regularly.  I had back surgery in '95 and have had a number of sports related injuries over the years.  Dr. Roger has taken great care of me and even "brought me back" when I thought I could no longer participate in martial arts.  Many times, I have felt relief and was able to resume sports participation in just one visit.   I highly recommend Dr. Schardijn and he will get you up and going and enjoying life. 

 -Craig H.


In 2001, I was injured when my car was broadsided.  After that accident, I was treated by another chiropractor with very little improvement.  When that did not help, I met with Dr. Schardijn.  After a series of treatments by him, I was soon back to my pre-accident mobility.  I have been a regular patient of Dr. Schardijn since.

Dr. Schardijn really listens and hears you as you describe problems or injuries.  He does not stop listening nor jump to a conclusion before you have had the opportunity to fully describe your symptoms.  He asks relevant questions to clarify his understanding of your condition.  Dr. Schardijn treats the whole body holistically.  He uses a variety of treatments in addition to manual manipulation – ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and massage as needed. 

Dr. Schardijn cares about his patients and gives his full attention to your specific problem, treatment and recovery.  When chiropractic treatment is appropriate to your situation, you can trust Dr. Schardijn!

- Joan J. 


I just wanted to say how professional Dr. Roger is.  He is thorough in his diagnoses and spends time with his patients, getting to know them personally as well as professionally, while developing a treatment plan.  His goal initially is pain relief with the ultimate goal of returning you to full function!  He is the only Chiropractor I would ever go to!

- Steve C. 


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